External House Washing – Our Method

We wash and treat to kill mould and mildew and remove dust dirt on external of buildings. this method is done by hand washing using soft nylon brushes to prevent scratching of the painted surfaces. We wash from gutter or edge of roof to the ground, wash and rinse windows (we are not window cleaners) leaving your building / home very clean.
The products we use are safe biodegradable and will not harm your animals or plants. some staining can not be removed due to lack of maintenance. We do not clean battens under the house unless your ask as the time of quoting for them to be done.

Any questions please ring us any time day or night.

When preparing to paint your house, the first thing to do is clean the surfaces after sanding down. After sanding down you then wash and treat to kill any mold spore and remove any dust ect with a none residual product, so that primers and or paint sticks to the surfaces.

This should be done whether it is a new surface or a repaint. Then you prime any bare spots.

Priming is very important as you have to remember that paint is designed to stick to primers. Primers are design to stick to all surfaces. Painting on to unprimed surfaces will go against what the paint was design to do and will not last as long.

Once you have a newly painted surface, to keep the paint work in good condition you should wash it every twelve months or no longer than two years.

If your home is located on busy road, I have found that paint left longer than twelve months does actually deteriorate much quicker, so the paint does not last as long and it stains.

Due to the neglect of your home the next paint job will cost you a fair bit more because its been neglected. This is why it is important to get your home externally cleaned every 12 months.

Your painted surfaces will also get an acid build up combined with pollution mould and dry rot spore. These types of mould and dry rot are very bad for your health, as mould grows mainly under your eves and also gets on your fly screens, solar panels, concrete, paths etc. So when you open your windows to let some fresh air in, these fine mould spores get into your house as well.

The mould causes all sorts of problems such as growing on internal ceilings, bath rooms, bed rooms, on curtains etc. Mould is bad for your heath and also your love ones, so the best way to stop it from getting inside is wash and treat killing it on the out side then inside.

At Spencer’s House washing we only use a safe biodegradable product which does a great job killing it.

Another type of growth is a fungus called dry rot spore. This starts out green-white or brown is very aggressive to your paint and more so to your timber work and very bad for health. So it is best to treat this as soon as possible before it to spreads into the home.